What does the P&C Music Committee do?

The P&C Music Program Committee at Forest Lodge Public School builds and sustains a range of extra-curricular music activities and groups. Our main responsibility is the organisation and coordination of the school’s very successful bands.

All children in years 3­-6 have the opportunity to play an instrument in one of the three bands (Training Band, Intermediate Band or Senior Band). To maintain the band program Music Committee collects band fees from parents of band students which cover the cost of payments to band conductors and a percussion tutor who assists with rehearsals.

The Program now has quite a collection of instruments which it hires out to those students without an instrument of their own for an additional small fee. All band students must have private lessons and the Music Committee provides parents with a list of tutors.

What ensembles or groups can students join?

We have a growing number of groups and ensembles that students can join. Groups are organised and co-ordinated by either the FLPS P&C Music Committee or by dedicated teachers at FL.

The largest part of the music program is the band program. The bands include Woodwind (such as flutes, clarinets, saxophones), Brass (such as trumpets, trombones, euphoniums), and Percussion. The bands each practise once a week before school and during the year perform at school, compete in festivals and attend workshops.

The band is an extra-curricular activity and students from Years 3-6 are eligible to join. We have three bands including the Training Band, the Intermediate Band and the Senior Band.