School Bands

The largest part of the music program is the band program. The bands include Woodwind (such as flutes, clarinets, saxophones), Brass (such as trumpets, trombones, euphoniums), and Percussion. The bands each practise once a week before school and during the year perform at school, compete in festivals and attend workshops.

The band is an extra-curricular activity and students from Years 3-6 are eligible to join. We have three bands including the Training Band, the Intermediate Band and the Senior Band.

Training Band

The Training band is our entrance band. Most students join the band program through the Training Band in year 3. At the beginning of term 4 we invite all year 2 students to a band try out. At this try out students are introduced to the range and variety of instruments found in concert bands. This introduction is done by one of our conductors and the current year 6 performers. The year 2’s are then given an opportunity to make preferences and try out a number of instruments. Instruments are then allocated by the conductors as they are well trained in trying to match new musicians to instruments they are most likely to enjoy. The music program has a large number of instruments which we maintain and hire out to students.

Edward McKnight is our Training Band conductor.

Training Band members attend Monday morning practice sessions from 7.50 -8.55am.

Intermediate Band

The Intermediate Band is mostly comprised of year 4 students. It is generally expected that students will have been playing their instrument for about 1 year before joining this band. As its name suggests this band supports our young musicians in moving from the training band to the more advanced playing levels being performed by the Senior band. While in Intermediate band musicians learn to play a greater range of notes, concentrate much more on musical dynamics and learn how to complement each other’s playing in a much more considered way.

Yvonne Brown is our Intermediate Band conductor.

Intermediate Band members attend Wednesday morning practice sessions from 7.50 -8.55am.

Senior Band

The Senior Band is mostly comprised of year 5 and 6 students that have graduated from Intermediate Band. Students in this band are now quite familiar with their instruments and begin to play the next level of challenging pieces. Many of our Senior Band members take part in extra school bands and events such the NSW public schools symphonic wind ensemble and CREATE.

Yvonne Brown is our Senior Band conductor.

Senior Band members attend Friday morning practice sessions from 7.50 -8.55am.