Sporting Area Artificial Grass + Bench Seating + Landscaping

Work is now complete on replacing the old tired & worn artificial turf with a new artificial sports grass area outside the front of Briarbank, as well as some new modwood bench seating in the surrounding areas and new landscaping, plantings and mulch along the boundary with Bridge Rd.

This upgrade is being funded by the P&C (primarily through a Community Building Partnership grant from our local NSW State Government member), and FLASCA, in equal proportions.

So a big thanks to the FLASCA Committee for helping out with key school infrastructure that every child in the school can utilise and enjoy. And another pat on the back to the keen grant-writing and fundraising teams from the P&C!

This upgrade is part of the long term vision coming out of the Infrastructure, Planning & Playground Working Group. If YOU would like to be involved in upcoming planning sessions with other parents & teachers to map out the future of our school, join this working group headed up by P&C Vice President Mac North. Send an email to

Photos of the progress are shown below.