Documents and Forms

Expense Claim Form

P & C Expense Claim Form

This form should be used to submit expense claims to the P&C. Note that expenses will only be reimbursed when there is a successful motion passed by a vote taken at a P&C Meeting clearly authorising the expenditure, prior to the expenditure being made.

Please retain a legible copy of your receipts (a photo on your phone, for example) until you have received your reimbursement.

Funds Approval Process

To approve funds for expenditure by the P&C a successful motion must be passed at one of the P&C Meetings. An agenda item must be placed in the meeting Agenda with wording similar to that as follows:

Request for formal Resolution for Approval of Funds to the value of $_____ to be spent as follows:

  • Purchase of soil: $_____
  • Purchase of garden beds: $____
  • ….
  • Variation Allowance: $____ (generally 10% or less of total)

The detailed breakdown in costing is optional, however including such detail will assist attendees of the meeting in understanding the intention of the funding request. Inclusion of the total value is compulsory.

At the meeting a vote will be taken and if the majority are in favour of the motion as per the P&C Constitution then the expenditure is approved. Expenditures of $200 or more on single items are usually co-ordinated via the School for GST purposes. Please contact the P&C Treasurer for more details.

Please send your requests for Agenda Items to be added to the Agenda for upcoming meetings to the P&C Secretary by the Wednesday prior to the meeting.

Expenditure requests that are not in the Agenda or which do not specify a total dollar amount cannot be considered at the meeting, and will be held over for clarification and inclusion in the Agenda for the following meeting.