Welcome to Forest Lodge Public School and to your P&C

P&Cs: The Benefits

P&C activities create opportunities for parents and carers, students and staff to interact,
building a feeling of respect and a stronger, safer, school community. Schools also benefit
from the support of their P&Cs in providing school services and events, communicating with
parents and fundraising for resources.

Being involved also benefits parents and their families. Research shows that when
parents are involved, their children get better grades, have a better attitude to school and
improved behaviour.

Being involved in the P&C can have several advantages for You:

* meeting other parents in the community which leads to a feeling of belonging and
enhanced wellbeing

* getting to know teachers and Principal better, making it easier to approach them with any questions

* understanding more about what happens at school so that you can assist your child more effectively

* having a chance to voice your opinion about school matters

* acquiring new skills (for example, business, management and financial skills, experience running meetings, event planning)

* demonstrating a positive attitude to schooling to your child which has a great influence on their attitude and achievement

* the satisfaction of contributing directly to your child’s education by helping provide additional resources for their school.

We look forward to seeing you at your next P&C meeting. Click here for dates.

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For any questions please contact our P&C Secretary:

You can become a member of the P&C at any meeting, or you can download the P&C Membership Form here.

An important note about memberships: Your Parents and Citizens’ Association membership will become valid at the close of the next meeting after you join. If you wish to make a proposal or vote at a meeting, you must lodge your membership form and pay your fee before the close of the previous meeting. You don’t have to be a member to participate in or support the various P&C activities that are held throughout the year, however you must be a financial member to become an office-bearer, to be nominated for a position, or to sit on a Committee.