Parent Skills Register

The Parent Skills Register is a “palette of capability” which could potentially be utilised by the school or within the P&C, through offering direct skills and experience.

Skilled volunteer effort, advice or access to opportunities through your abilities and contacts from “the real world” is a greatly appreciated and highly valued way to have input to the school. There are many parents with a wide variety of skills, and regardless of what your skills are we can find a way for you to add value for our children.

If you would like to have your “colour” added to the palette, please contact the President or any one of the P&C team. We would simply like to know what skills you have, and/or what products and services you or your business may have access to.

A few thoughts based on previous years include (and please help us expand upon this list with your skills, abilities, and contacts!):

  • Child Therapists
  • Building Services & Architectural
  • Gardening
  • Health & Medical
  • Maintenance
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Engineering & Construction
  • … and many more

The register is reviewed within the P&C and with school staff to identify potential opportunities which can be arranged in such a way as to suit all parties involved.