Trivia Night 2013

“Night of the Flodge Monsters”

We had a party! In traipsed mummies, vampires, witches, zombies and more mummies The tombs were open, a scythe of grim reapers, a rank of undead, a crash-site of nurses, the ghosts of the Titanic, La Catrina, Shrek’s Fiona, ghost face, the invisible man, and a pregnant nun. In they streamed: bloody butchers, terrifying teachers, corpses, victims, devils, and more damn mummies.

Ever graceful Justine welcomed the creatures, plied the champagne and ushered monsters into Meredith and Cecilia’s spectacularly transformed Haunted Hall. The debonair MC Al possessed the microphone and the gorgeous Kearns sisters conjured the food. Blood-red wine flowed and Mr Trivia juggled masterful quizmanship with a side trade in corruption and bribery.

Effervescent Natalie and Amy H stirred up the cauldron prizes, while games were cackled over, auctions fought over prizes won and results disputed. The pace was frenzied. Kylee bounced her baby bump from the bar to the stage to the tables and back, booting things along. Meanwhile evil eyed Alastair kept it running smoothly, his dead stare fixed on the master plan.

The Loud auction was the crescendo, with Auctioneer Mark ‘Reaper’ Tooth conducting the audience like a man possessed; expelling tradition and kidnapping our attention. Spirits were high and the bidding so generous it was soon apparent that this was much more about supporting the school community than it was the value of the prizes themselves.

At the pointy end of the evening with the distinct buzz of babysitter meters red-lining in the background, unflappable Ami W and Anna C calmly dealt with prizes, punters and payola. And with that the curtain closed. “Night of the Flodge monsters” was a great success netting nearly $20,000 for the school. For us organisers, although a family size bucket of work, it was an immensely fun and satisfying experience.

We would especially like to thank the huge number of local businesses and school community that gave their support through generous donations of goods and services.

Here are a selection of images from the evening…